Detailed information about the founders of InforCrypt

The Founders

Yves De Cock
  • Public Relations
  • Fundamental analyst
  • Co-founder
Ine Holvoet
4 years of experience
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technical analyst
  • Co-founder

Our story

Team InforCrypt is an amalgamation of incredibly passionate and motivated forces. That strength started with Ine Holvoet, a real power woman who has been helping people within the crypto world for 5 years. For years, she worked for firms within the crypto world that ultimately turned out not to have people's best interests at heart, and often turned out to be scammers.

Ine wanted to get rid of that and really wanted to guide people in an honest, easy and safe way. Of course, this was only possible with a perfect team of reliable experts.

Black-White Photo of the three founders of InforCrypt

Shortly after InforCrypt was founded, she met her partner, Yves De Cock. Yves has a lot of practical experience in the crypto world and actually had exactly the same concept in his mind. They decided to join forces and this is how InforCrypt came to be. With Yves' fundamental strengths and Ine's technical acumen, they are an incredibly strong team. 4 years later, they can proudly boast the +400 students and most complete crypto school ever.

The entire team at InforCrypt has vastly different backgrounds and stories, but we all have in common that we are hugely open-minded and have the same goal in mind: to make people independent with cryptocurrency and to do so with the right knowledge and guidance!


  • Head of IT
  • Front-end developer


  • Creator of IFC+
  • Back-end developer


  • Marketing
  • Copywriter


  • Marketing
  • SEO


  • Graphic design
  • User Experience


  • Video
  • Animations


  • Graphic design
  • Illustrator & designer of Joey


  • Marketing
  • Social Media

Hello, I am Yves!
I have been a fundamental analyst in cryptocurrency.

My dream is to achieve financial freedom and help people break free from the matrix of our financial system and achieve knowledge of the formation of your reality by our subconscious mind. However, being open to the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and blockchain requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience, something I am happy to help our students with.

I have gained experience in the international entertainment development and hospitality industry. I have traveled the world after waking up from our existing financial system. I did 5 years of research on our monetary system and experiencing the forces and possibilities of cryptocurrencies. It convinced me that a decentralized system like the blockchain can radically transform our monetary system, making everything fairer for citizens.

My goal is to give the knowledge you need to understand this transformation better, because the more knowledge you have, the easier it is to swim through the cracks. What exactly is going on in our world? Why? All these questions are systematically answered during my classes. The last two lessons of the course are the best ones for sure!

Here we plant many seeds that over time, that can blossom into insights that will change your life. My ambition lies mainly in "planting" these seeds, in opening your eyes so you can see all the possibilities that blockchain has to offer. I therefore speak passionately about the imminent transformation of our economic structure that blockchain technology could unleash! I am also more and more interested in spiritual development and the real stories of the history of our world. The last course is all about this and is titled: YOU ARE MAGIC. Because you are, once you realize this, is where the true power of humanity will flourish and has nothing to do with money or crypto currency.

Hello, I'm Ine and for 4 years my greatest passion has been technical analysis and mindset.

InforCrypt was born out of my dream to create an honest and easy education that is accessible and feels welcome to everyone. I wanted to provide a valuable platform for people who are interested in the crypto-world, open to new insights and want to build a positive mindset. With our team, we have always managed to make our students happy and help them achieve their dreams, something that is my biggest goal for me personally with InforCrypt! I am very proud of our fantastic team of experts who give their best every day for our students!

I myself have been a technical analyst for 4 years; reading and analyzing charts is really my thing! However, my story really took off when I became financially independent myself. You can also come to me for trading.

My personal absolute mission lies with nature, because in our society we are slowly but surely destroying it. I have learned that you have to fight the problem at its roots: that means the financial system. Once this is transformed, various new technologies will offer endless applications that can make our earth cleaner, fairer and more tolerant.

My goal is to wake up as many people as possible and make them realize that our financial system no longer works. There are so many people with good intentions who, like me, want to make this place a better place, and I want to support them 100% by providing them with the right education that will allow them to make their dreams come true. At InforCrypt, we are strong together! I would love to get to know you in our classes, see you soon!